My Teachers Are the Best!

Michael Harner, Founder of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies says the best teachers are the Spirits themselves. I believe that to be very true. My Animal Spirits have been with me since before I was born and are a very active part of my life today. I am so blessed to know them and learn from them constantly.

Local or Remote.

Space and time do not exist in the spirit world. My work can be just as effective over Skype as it is in person. The Spirit Helpers do all the work anyway!

Wisdom is gained.

As Owl says, wisdom is gained through being able to see through to the truth. The wisdom I have gained through Owl has led me to this point in my life. I am here to serve and help others gain their wisdom by reconnecting with their Spirit Helpers.

The Shamanic Journey

Shamans have been entering Dream Time or the spirit worlds since, well, forever. These traditions have been passed down through the generations and preserved even though many have tried to destroy this knowledge. This knowledge is making its way back into the western world. In fact, the Shamans of the Q'ero people in Peru speak of "the round eyed Shamans of North America" being born to spread the knowledge of Shamanism to the masses. I am certainly not the first to learn these methods and hopefull won't be the last. My job is to take the uncertainty out of Western Shamanism so that others can benefit from it. It in no way goes against any Religious belief in fact it supports it in a lot of ways. It has reinforced my belief in our creator and that we are all in this together.

Extraction Healing

From a Shamanic point of view, we all experience intrusions or poison darts as the Chinese energy healers put it that need to be extracted before they manifest into something physical. An intrusion can stem from someone cutting you off on the freeway or doing something, ussually inadvertently to "piss off" someone. That dirty look tends to be the poison dart that some times, not always but sometimes sticks into our energy field. Other examples are spirit beings that are "stuck" in the middle world and tend to cling to us, meaning no harm but disrupting our lives somewhat. Enough of these can be real detriment to living a healthy life. An extraction is done through a Journey or other methods of connecting to ones Spirit Helpers to locate the intrusion and help it relocate. This always done with love and kindness because these clingy Spirits are generally benevolent and mean us no harm they are just lost and need help finding their way. Its not spooky at all and can be a very refreshing experience to have your energy flowing correctly and be more fully in your own power. This process can be done for homes and offices as well as plants and our animal friends.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animals or Spirit Helpers are with us always and they are very much real and live in their world just as we live here. They are wanting to help us make a better life in exchange for "dancing in our world" for a while. The process begins of course with a Journey to the Lower World where the intention is set beforehand to call out to a Spirit Helper that is ready to return to the person. The clear intention of this Animal showing itself 3 to 4 times in the Journey and finally the Spirit is blown into the receiving person first into the heart and seconf into the crown of the head. It is not uncommon for the person receiving the Power Animal to know what it is before the practitioner tells them. Personally, I recall some of these animals showing themselves to me in the past, out of the blue. They would just show up. I didn't know then that they were trying desperately to get my attention! I pay closer attention now for sure. Just how can a Power Animal help you in your daily life you ask? Well, the attributes of the animals tend to become part of your life. Take for instance Crow or Raven. He is tenacous at analysing things and identifying just what the problem is. Raccoon is very smart at finding ways to solve problems so the attributes of these two work together in my life to help me identify and solve issues that I am presented with. It's awesome really.